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  • June 30, 2015

    Nikki on The Daily Edition:

    Any plans to release any new music?
    Nikki: Absolutely, yeah. I recorded an album just before I had my little one, Skylah, and she’s 16 months now. So I’ve been a mummy for a while and still working with the dance studios, and they’re going incredible – one in Sydney and one on the Central Coast. So definitely want to release more music later on in the year hopefully, working independently with my music, and I just love writing music and it’s my passion. But also I’ve been developing a TV pilot for, you know, the dance industry in Australia. So that’s been really exciting, creating opportunities for up-and-coming young dancing talent. So that’s been what I’ve been doing.

    April 16, 2014

    Nikki on The Daily Edition:

    And you’ve got a new album?
    Nikki: I do, I’ve been recording some new music in Nashville, and I just love it. It’s real kind of pop-driven, really positive, great tracks. I’m really happy with the music and I can’t wait to release it. Um, yeah, and hopefully make everyone proud, including my daughter now.

    February 2, 2014

    Nikki performed a new song, Rollercoaster, for Dance @ Nikki Webster’s Guinness World Record Attempt. Watch the video on YouTube or listen to the song on SoundCloud (thanks to Nikki Webster MB).

    Rollercoaster was written by Nikki Webster, Casey Timber and Chaise Flanders.

    August 22, 2013

    From the StarNow Twitter Q & A:

    @parxe: will we hear any more music from you soon
    @nikkiwebster: Absolutely i have just finished recording an album so fingers crossed

    April/July, 2012

    Facebook updates posted by Michael Flanders.

    April 12, 2012: “2day…..CHAISE/NIKKI WEBSTER/DENISE LOCKE….songwriting on NIkki’s new project”

    April 17, 2012: “NIKKI & INET READY TO RAP……”



    July 6, 2012: “Last day with Nikki Webster tracking Vocals…..Chaise & Nikki digging in……”

    April 19, 2012

    Songwriter/Producer Jane Bach:

    “I’ve had company for the past 10 days. Nikki Webster, Australian pop star, was in Nashville, working on a new album. We had the chance to write, and wrote a good one!!!! It’s always wonderful being able to spend time with her.”

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